Saturday, July 28, 2018

my girlfriend doesn't love me anymore

my girlfriend doesn't love me anymore

my girlfriend doesn't love me anymore I have tried all my best I can do to win her back but she seems not interesting on me anymore .  as from now I have made my decision that I will move on with my life and let her be. she was someone I loved a lot with all my heart she was my true love. I had a plan I wanted even to marry her.

she met with another guy and she falls in love with him, and since she met that guy she never shows me any love again. am just tired of relationships now I don't think I will find someone else from now I just wanna move on with my life from now. 

 I remember before she used to tells me that she will never disappoint me that she will always love me. before she was always there for me we were both happi before. I remember we used to make a plan before of how we going to get married and how much children we shall have. but now I have seen how bad is to trust someone.

this is my adviser to all of you guys there if you love someone if you are in love with someone don't put all your trust and your hope on that person because today u maybe be and tomorrow u not . 
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