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Nigerian lady shading Regina Daniels for marrying older man is allegedly married to 71- year-old oyinbo

A Nigerian lady is currently trending on social media after she took to the platform to mock actress Regina Daniels for marrying a 59-year-old man, Ned Nwoko.

There is a popular saying that says; do not throw stones when you live in glass houses. This lady apparently never heard of it as she recently used her own hands to make herself the subject of ridicule.
She recently made a video on social media, mocking actress, Regina Daniels for getting married to someone old enough to be her father and worst off, without her own father’s knowledge.

15 hours after the video gone with over three thousand views and comments from people telling her to mind her business, an Instagram account @golden_blog17 shared a post, revealing that Susan herself is also allegedly married to a 71-year-old English man.

Video below:

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

If you can’t care for 3 people, never attempt having a baby – Man writes

While showing his concern at the rate at which children are made to work and bring money home for their parents, a man has advised against having a baby if you can’t comfortably take care of 3 people.

The Facebook user identified as Michael Nwanator, who is known for his opinion on various issues concerning, wrote that parents should not turn their children to deputy-parents to care for their other siblings. 

Read his post below:


What you’re about to read now may not look or sound nice to you, but that doesn’t change the fact that many of our mothers and fathers failed us. They were Ignorantly heartless.

Continue reading to discover the TRUTH that hurts.

Do parents derive joy seeing their kids suffering in the name of hustling?

No body gave a consent before He or She was born, you weren’t born with a silver spoon. You suffered and went through hell for you to survive. In as much as you maybe successful today, tell yourself the truth, do you really like those horrible experiences you had when you were infant and would you love to see your kids go through same?

The truth remains that it was heartless of Africans to subject their kids to suffering. They will tell you that God gives children even if they have 8 kids meanwhile they can’t comfortably give themselves a good life not to talk about the kids.

A crime against humanity is bringing a child to this earth and let the child suffer.
When I go to some places and see how children suffer in the sake of hustling for their parents, I shed tears. Many kids out there with no shelter, let me not talk about the Almajiri system in Northern Nigeria, that’s the worst crime against humanity those people are commiting over there.

As a Christian, I will take just few scriptures. Africans see children as investments which shouldn’t be so.

Genesis 1:28 (KJV)
28 And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.

The scripture above has been used many times by ignorant Christians who want to justify their stupidity and wickedness.
If you can’t comfortably take care of three persons, you have no reason getting married and giving birth. If you can only take care of one person comfortably and you must marry, marry but don’t bring kids to this world to suffer. The river doesn’t flow backward.

2 Corinthians 12 vs 14 (NIV)

14 Now I am ready to visit you for the third time, and I will not be a burden to you, because what I want is not your possessions but you. After all, children should not have to save up for their parents, but parents for their children.

Proverbs 13:22 (NIV)
A good person leaves an inheritance for their children’s children,
but a sinner’s wealth is stored up for the righteous.

Your fathers ignorantly failed, do you still want to toll that line and be foolish in this age?

This is a big mistake we MUST correct now before it ruin us all.

Parents are to give their kids the best life. Any parents in this 21st century that gives birth to kids they can’t take care of are wicked and capable of commiting murder.

Parents are to support their kids in business too and leave inheritance for them. Not to turn them into bill payment machine without asking how they were able to survive out there. Mehn, dudes have a life to live, we have needs too, a lot of young guys have lost their lives via accidents, robbery attacks etc in the process of hustling for the family.

Our young ladies now go into prostitution in the higher institutions just for them to survive because funds aren’t coming from the parents.

First sons now take care of the children (siblings) they never gave brith to 😒. Young guys who are hustling face lots of pressure from their parents, this has lead many to indulge in various crimes. The rate of cyber crime (yahoo yahoo) is increasing, this is the root cause of it. This system breeds poverty and crime.

Parents, prepare for your kids and also yourselves for the raining days.

Yes! Our fathers and mothers made this horrible mistake, we MUST correct it.

Listen, you can take better care of two than five. Imagine sharing or splitting the resources meant for two to five kids.

I am fully aware that there are those who were financially buoyant, along the line they fell out. Don’t you think it’s better to prepare for the worst by not having more than three kids just in case there happens to be a storm you couldn’t survive?

Africans! Chidren aren’t retirement plan or investments. Go and tell your family and friends.

 Let it sink.

Tiwa Savage Ex-Husband, Teebillz Celebrates Their Son, Jamil On Children’s Day

 Teebillz has thrown a shade at his estranged wife Tiwa Savage in celebration of their son Jamil on children’s day.

Yesterday was May 27th children’s day, and to celebrate his son, Teebillz had a FaceTime with him.

He later took to Instagram to share a screenshot of the FaceTime and a bit of their conversation.

In his post, Teebillz revealed that no amount of designer clothes or toys can replace the love of a father. His words sound like a shade thrown at Tiwa Savage who usually shares pictures of Jamil rocking designer clothes.

He wrote:

“True love is unconditional! Daddy let me put my hat on like yours too….. Damn! I miss my lil man! I lived that life, no amount of toys or designers clothes can replace a FATHER! #Facts

“Nothing can separate our love my mini me U are my seed and they know it too my Prince!!! #MyDude ”

Two Nigerian men, one Ugandan woman arrested with 5 Kg heroin and 2.6 Kg cocaine in India(Photos)

The Narcotics Control Bureau in Delhi on Monday, May 27, arrested two Nigerian nationals and one Ugandan woman in possession of 5 Kg of heroin and 2.6 Kg of cocaine.

According to Delhi Deputy Director General, Narcotics Control Bureau, SK Jha:
"Two Nigerians and one Ugandan national were arrested and drugs worth Rs 25 crore were recovered from their possession on Monday."

The drugs were smuggled to Delhi from Mumbai via the Rajdhani Express train.

NCB also disclosed that one of the Nigerians arrested is wanted in Kolkata in connection with the seizure of 3.7Kg cocaine.


Man Attempts To Kill Himself After His Girlfriend Dumped Him

 A man was stopped as he tried to commit suicide after his girlfriend left him. Gistvic Reports.

The man who has prepared his suicide note and was about to kill himself was lucky saved by his friends who came visiting.

His friends were heard saying:
 "Guy you fuck up, Because of Girl?"
See Photos: 



Woman broke friend's neck in attack after 'catching her kissing husband'

A woman broke her friend's neck after she found them both in a 'compromising position' near their home.

Susan Robson was hosting a social gathering at her home in Kenton, Newcastle with friend Kirsty Adjei-Mensah.

When Miss Adjei-Mensah decided to leave, Robson's husband offered to walk her part of the way home, reports the Chronicle Live .

Robson, noticing both were missing from the house, became suspicious and went looking for them.

She found them in a lane near her home either about to kiss or kissing, Newcastle Crown Court heard, and flew into a rage.

The 37-year-old "lost the plot", exploded into a violent rage and attacked Miss Adjei-Mensah after her husband had run off.

Newcastle Crown Court heard she punched her, walloped her with her handbag then repeatedly kicked her near her home in Kenton, Newcastle.

The victim suffered a fractured neck, had to have surgery to fit a halo neck brace, which she had to wear for three months and is continuing to suffer pain a year on.

Now Robson, who admitted causing GBH with intent on the basis she lost her temper after finding the pair in what she believed was a "compromising position", has been jailed in tears for four years.

In a victim impact statement read to the court, Miss Adjei-Mensah said: "I thought I was going to die by the roadside.

"I can still see Susan assaulting me and smirking and I can hear the crack as my neck was broken."

Miss Adjei-Mensah told how she had to have the halo device screwed into her skull and said the "pain was unbearable and I was physically sick".

It was in May last year that people had been at Robson's home socialising and drinking.

Prosecutor Emma Dowling said: "There came a point in the evening when the complainant said she'd had enough and wanted to go home.

"The defendant's husband offered to walk her part of the way home, saying he wanted to visit his mother on the way back, which he did."

Robson then went looking for them and saw when her husband came out of his mother's home, he was alone with Miss Adjei-Mensah.

Miss Dowling said: "The defendant formed the view the defendant's husband was about to kiss her.

"The complainant became aware of the defendant and her daughter shouting and screaming at her and the defendant's husband ran off.

"What is clear from CCTV is she was repeatedly assaulted by the defendant in two separate incidents five minutes apart in the same location, next to some garages."

That part of the attack lasted up to two minutes and when Miss Adjei-Mensah got up there was then lull until Robson struck again, kicking her around seven times.

The court heard it's unclear exactly when the top vertebrae in her neck was fractured but said it would require "quite a bit of force".

Police attended and the victim lost consciousness while talking to officers.

Robson, of Kenton, has eight previous convictions, including one for GBH in 2016 when she attacked a woman she accused of jumping a taxi queue.

As well as the four-year prison sentence, she was given a five-year restraining order forbidding her from contacting the victim.

Judge Julie Clemitson told her: "When Miss Adjei-Mensah left, your husband went with her, ostensibly to walk her to the bus stop. After they had been gone for some time, you went to investigate and found them together.

"You discovered your husband and Miss Adjei-Mensah kissing and lost control.

"When your husband ran away, your friend did not and what you saw provoked what was an eruption of violence.

"I accept you did not go out there seeking to cause her harm but on the spur of the moment you clearly were hell-bent on doing so.

"You say you did not deliberately fracture her neck and that I accept but in assaulting her in the way you did and in intending to cause her harm, you have to take responsibility for the consequences of your actions.

"The sight of them together clearly triggered you to behave as you did."

"She simply lost the plot, she was devastated at what she came across.

"It's cost her her marriage, devastated her children and cost her what was a friend at the time."

Mr Knowles said Robson has a number of health conditions, has suffered adversity in her life and is terrified about going to prison.

A man has been left with regrets after his girlfriend burnt his breakfast because of television drama series on Zee World.

A Nigerian man has cried out for help after taking to social media to lament over his breakfast burnt by his girlfriend who is addicted to watching drama series on Zee world.
The man, identified simply as Ceda, angrily took to Twitter to call out his girlfriend on the shameful act.
Sharing the photos, he wrote:
  “She burnt common Noddles because of @ZeeWorldAfrica  


Two Yahoo Boys Found With Charms Pleads Guilty In Ilorin

 The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Ilorin Zonal Office on May 28, 2019 arraigned two suspected Internet fraudsters at a Kwara State High Court sitting in Ilorin.

The suspects, Johnson Okuselu and Akande Saheed, were arraigned on two separate charges before Justice Sikiru Oyinloye.

One of the charges reads: “That you, Johnson Opeyemi Okuselu (a.k.a Blessed Saviour) sometime in April 2019, or thereabout at Ilorin, Kwara State within the jurisdiction of this honourable court attempted to commit an offence by pretending to be one Blessed Saviour, representing yourself to be a white Woman who is capable of providing job in the United States of America to one Omni Guzman as contained in your email conversation done through your Gmail account, contrary to Section 95 and 321 of the Penal Code and punishable under Section 322 of the same law.”

They both pleaded “guilty” to the charges.

Counsel for the EFCC, A.A. Adebayo, told the Court that the defendants had entered into a plea bargain agreement with the Commission.

He, thus, asked the court to give a date for the prosecution to call its star witness in order to review the facts of the case.

Justice Oyinloye, thereafter, adjourned the case to June 8, 2019 for reviewing of facts, and ordered that the defendants be remanded in EFCC custody.

Regina Daniels Biological Father Finally Reacts To Her Marriage To Ned Nwoko

New report has it that Mr Jude Ojeogwu, the dad to young actress Regina Daniels who is linked to billionaire Ned Nwoko, has stated that the ceremony doesn’t have his consent.
This is amidst report that Regina Daniels and Ned Nwoko will be traditionally getting married today in Delta State.
Mr Jude Ojeogwu wrote on Facebook:

Regina daniel Ojeogwu is my biological daughter.What ever is ongoing is not to my knowledge and without my consent.The fact speaks for itself looking at the picture. Her mother Rita daniel is threading on a dangerous path and I hope she will retrace her steps. Even the initiation ceremony into otu odu appears completely strange to Regina daniel Ojeogwu. Regina is from ogwashi uku and not from olor as being rumored. All the opportunities for Mr Ned nwoko to discuss with me proved abortive not realising that we once lived in the same house in awoyokun street, onikpan, Lagos. The implication of all this is that she inpregnated herself. The name Regina was my late mother’s name. I have tried to exercise restraint but Regina mother kept pushing me to wall. Am alive and not dead. If in doubt of this post call Barrister Jude Ojeogwu on 08033039058

Regina Daniels’ mum suffers an accident while preparing for her daughter’s traditional marriage

Rita Daniels, the mother of Regina Daniels, suffered an accident this morning as preparations for her daughter’s traditional marriage was underway.

Ms Rita Daniels, who is the chairwoman of the Delta State Actors Guild, was reportedly going around, making sure all was in place for her daughter’s wedding to billionaire politician, Ned Nwoko, 59, when she stepped on a broken glass and the sharp edge pierced through her slippers and into her foot. The cut was deep and it bled profusely.

Her son-in-law, Ned Nwoko reportedly ran to her aid and held her tenderly as he took her into his house to be treated, the source told LIB.

See What Singer, Naira Marley Is Reportedly Doing In Prison

Controversial journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has revealed that embattled singer, Naira Marley is like a star in jail, and he is making a music comeback with consistent work on new songs in prison.
It’s obvious that Kemi Olunloyo picked sides in the feud between Naira Mrley and Ruggedman, before the Marley was arrested.
In a new revelation, Kemi Olunloyo said that she spoke with Naira Marley’s lawyer over the weekend to ask about the welfare of the singer.
It was revealed that Naira Marley is like a star in the prison and he is writing songs he would when he comes out of prison.
Watch Video below;

”She Risks Death” – Lady Writes On The Consequences Of Regina Daniels’ Induction In Anioma Tradition

A Facebook user identified as Onuh Chisom Maryjane, has penned down what she claimed as the consequences of Regina Daniels induction to billionaire husband Ned Nwoko, in the Anioma tradition.

Read what she wrote:

The implication of Anioma’s marriage induction ritual

1) Regina Daniels is expected to be faithful to her husband and not sleep with another man except him.

If conji comes and he is not available or he is tired, she can touch herself by way of masturbation or use a vibrator but she is expressly forbidden to sleep with any other man except Oga Ned Nwoko.

If she mistakenly sleeps with another man who is not her husband, the gods will come after her and the punishment in the most instance is death.

If her husband is aware that she is cheating on him and refused to take action, the ritual will come after him and his older kids.

The ritual culture was designed to check the excess and curtail the infidelity of women from that part of the world.

2) In case her husband happens to be no more, she is not expected to remarry except she goes through another round of ritual to untie herself from the man.

If she mistakenly marries another man without doing this, she will die and the ritual will also come after the man that married her without asking a question.

In all these, Oga Ned is allowed to sleep with other women and acquire as many trophy wives as possible but none of the wives are permitted to cheat on him.

This is the culture of our brothers and sisters in Anioma so I don’t have any personal opinion about it but let’s not forget that there is no free lunch in life, not even in town
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