Saturday, September 7, 2019

Girlfriend Who Uses M@nstrual Blood To Make Tea For His Man Confesses

I have been holding myself not to send you this but I need to talk to someone desperately.

M*nstrual blo0d works magic when it comes to keeping any man, but the problem is the fact that it does not have dose, my friend introduced me to it lately and I have been using it on my cheating boyfriend and for 8 months now he has not cheated but he is always sick. Whenever he gets sick I get scared and feel he is going to die but it ends up being malaria or normal sickness.

I want to stop using my m@nstrual bl0od to cook for him, I even use it to make tea for him, when even I am on my period I just wash out the sanitary pad, Inside water, the put it in a bottle and fridge it, I use it to cook for him because I cook much and store for him in the deep freezer.

I want to stop but I am scared he will go back to cheating, and how come he has not proposed am still trying to figure that out, once I do I will share but please how do I stop this habit, what other method do I use to make him stop cheating.

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